Good Reads, Fall 2013

Individual articles on MIS-related topics. Updated as I find them. Latest at the top

How to lose $172,222 a second for 45 minutes. OR, Why we have to teach Systems Analysis and Design

Tape backup. Yes, they still do it.

Don’t use Hadoop. Yo data ain’t that big.

Storage reliability: Hard drives and solid state drives

Going from home-grown code to an Open Source project.

Writing documentation. Important in MISC 482

Moore’s Law
What it is, and why it’s failing
What’s being done to continue it — this is the technical part
Why it will fail during your working life. It’s not just technology, it’s business economics

Why Microsoft’s .Net failed. He doesn’t mention that it also killed VB as a teaching language, which is why we use PHP.

Free malware. Search for ‘free music’, get some PUPs.


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